The Mission

Rev Dr Joshua Paul is on a mission to mobilize an army of trained and skilled ministry personnel to the frontlines of the mission field. His multi-faceted ministry includes evangelizing the lost; enlisting, equipping and empowering them to preach, heal and deliver.

Deliverance and Healing

Joshua Paul insists that every believer should receive complete healing and deliverance in the spirit, soul and body (I Thess 5:23). As he ministers, many suffering from sickness and demonic oppression are miraculously healed in the name of Jesus Christ. Hundreds of people experience a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ that culminates to a turning point in their lives.

Intercessory Prayer Army

History belongs to the Intercessors. Destiny of the nations is in the hands of the Intercessors. God has commissioned Joshua Paul to raise a prayer force of least one lakh aggressive and dynamic intercessors for a global awakening. Join us to become a dynamic dedicated Prophetic Intercessor! Register online to join this army.


Joshua Paul strongly believes in raising next generation leaders by teaching and training them in the Word of God. He teaches on a wide spectrum of subjects which includes:

  • How to Become a Cutting Edge Market Place Apostolic and Prophetic Voice to this Generation
  • Developing and Mentoring Prophetic People
  • Prophetic Praise and Worship
  • Art of Prayer and Intercession
  • Operation of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

School of Prophets and Youth Camps

Joshua Paul has conducted Schools of Prophets in Goa, Meghalaya, Dubai and Schools of Ministry and Worship in many parts of India and Malaysia. He also conducts Youth Camps to raise leaders to impact nations. Young lives are touched, transformed and transfused with the power of God at these meetings.

Kings Embassy

God has given Joshua Paul the vision and provision to start Miracle and Healing Worship Center – a place to establish and extend the Kingdom of God – in Bangalore East. We plan to start in the same premises:

  • 24/7 Prophetic Intercessors’ Network
  • Training Center for Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance
  • School of Supernatural Signs and Wonder
  • Advanced Leadership Training Center to Develop Kingdom Mindset and Breakthrough Thinking
  • Family and Marriage Enrichment Center