Who We Are

Dr. joshupaul

The Reverend

Rev Dr Joshua Paul

hails from Bangalore, India. He was baptised with the Holy Spirit at the age of 7. He is a
balanced, Bible-based teacher with a prophetic mantle on him, serving God full time over two
He is on a mission to mobilize an army of trained and skilled ministry personnel to the frontlines
of the mission field. His multi-faceted ministry includes evangelizing the lost; enlisting an army,
equipping and empowering them to preach, heal and deliver.
His Ministry is called RAP Network. It stands for Revival Apostolic and Prophetic Network. As
a network, they aspire to create a platform to promote tomorrow’s apostles, prophets and
leaders to fulfil their divine mandate by using divine provisions, potential and positions.
He’s currently involved in Raising New Generation Leaders with an Apostolic N Prophetic
mindset! Training, Mentoring, Equipping and Empowering Believers for End-time Harvest! He
also gives Apostolic N Prophetic Mentoring to many churches in India and overseas! He not only
moves in healing gifts but trains an army of healing and prophetic evangelists globally!
He believes that the Last Great Revival will be a Prayer Revival where there won’t be Super-
Stars but every believer a Shining Star for Christ! A Nameless, Faceless and Selfless Generation
will rise to reach the lost at any cost in every nation!
Partner with this prophetic ministry to Activate the Seer anointing! To excel in the Realm of
Supernatural Dreams, Visions and Interpretations! To receive an Impartation of the fresh fire of
the Holy Spirit!

We seek love God above all thing

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